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Our work together will help you discover your unique story and the root causes of the painful experiences that effect you and prevent you from being in life fully. We will unlock the authentic you that already exists beneath the layers of defenses that have served to protect you. The results?

  • A felt sense of positive self-worth

  • The ability to express from your truth

  • Learn to regulate stress & anxiety

  • Experience fulfillment, confidence and self-empowerment


For many in this beautiful, creative community, hurt runs deep. You may have experienced rejection for the natural way you love, both emotionally and physically. The expression of yourself is perfect just as it is. Rejection is someone else's fear, imprinted on you, and is not yours to hold any longer. Your spirit tells a much different story. Tell it! The results of your work here?

  • Learn to love the unique individual person you are

  • Embrace your gender & sexuality as good and life affirming

  • Find your true voice

  • Live the life you want without hiding

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Relationships & Couples
Relationships & Couples

Entering into relationship with others is one of the bravest things we humans can do. Most of us are naturally drawn toward intimate connections. Some of us fear it. Whether they are romantic or friendship, family or work related, relationships are where we learn about ourselves, exploring love, fear, need, want and desire. They offer empathy, self-awareness and healing. The results?

  • Improve and deepen interpersonal intimacy

  • Communicate better with your partner

  • Understand your attachment style and how it affects your attractions and relationships

  • Learn how shared vulnerability builds trust

  • Feel alive in your relationships

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