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  Self Love 




 are the foundations
  of successful intimacy.  
Self Love
What Is Core Energetics
Core Energetics: Evolutionary, Transformational.
"... sooner or later,
we have to give up hoping
for a better past ..." 
                          Irvin Yalom

CORE's Evolutionary Process, as a model of Body Oriented Healing, is about relationships. Relationships are your greatest resource for the potential of healing. 


In Core Energetics, I work with the chronic tensions in the body where powerful emotions are blocked from being felt or expressed. Core also invites cognitive explorations to raise our awareness of the limiting beliefs (images) and unconscious misconceptions we hold about ourselves and life. We learn to identify our defensive, protective patterns in interpersonal relationships - created in our formative early years - that keep us from being in true relationship with ourselves and others.


Core Energetics serves to restore the balance and flow of energy between body, mind, emotions, and spirit. By combining bodywork and traditional therapeutic techniques, you are supported in achieving the life you wish to have. A life in which your true, authentic self can meet and be with life's challenges, and more importantly, the pleasures of being human.

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