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An Evolutionary Process Support Group for Trans~Masculine Men

a young caucasian person, seen from behind, holding a transgender pride flag over his or h
Grey Limbo

Session Dates: TBD  

$50.00 per session with full commitment to the program,

For more information contact:  

Tristan Avery 860-944-9884

There are complex concerns and challenges facing the transgender community.  It can be painful to live in a world where some of your culture, family, and peers, hold inaccurate, destructive beliefs about who you are.  This creates powerful feelings that can be hard to navigate and it impacts your sense of self and worth, and your experience of life.  

Opening Out! is a place for you to share and explore your unique, individual and collective journeys as men; as trans men.  Bring your gifts, experience, gifts, struggles, needs and curiosity!  

    ~Have you been trying to manage life alone?
    ~Do you feel safe enough to bring your authentic self forward?   
    ~How has life portrayed masculinity to you?  What is your relationship with it and how do you express it?  

    ~Are you yearning for deeper connection with others and life? 
    ~Do you desire to experience
 the value, purpose, and the beauty of your unique, expressive being?

Opening Out! offers an opportunity to build meaningful relationships within a community of men who wish to expand their experience of life.  The embodiment practices of Core Energetics in an experiential group setting will support the process of finding the way to opening your heart to self, others and life. 

   ~Discover your inner wisdom through group sharing, and listening.
   ~Find your voice and learn to communicate your needs and boundaries.
   ~Explore and release physical barriers that limit your energetic life force.
   ~Increase your capacity to love and experience pleasure.

Opening Out! will be a closed Bi-Monthly group from 7-9pm for 8 men with a 4 month commitment.  There will                              be a group option to renew.  Open to men anywhere along their transition path.  To insure this                                  group is appropriate for you, pre-registration and interview with the facilitator is required.  



Tristan Avery is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner with offices in West Hartford and NY city.  He co-facilitates powerful group retreats and currently serves on the faculty of the Montreal Institute of Core Energetics' Living Core Program.  Tristan helps individuals recognize and navigate pathways to their lives' fullest potential.

Grey Limbo

Let’s Work Together

Group Meets at:

Tel: 860-944-9884

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