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we may need help
a life
that has brought
painful experiences
and given us
messages about who
we are.




Hello, I'm Tristan. 


It is truly courageous for us to reach out and begin an exploration of the places in our lives where we feel stuck and perhaps unfulfilled. The truth is, we all struggle. Finding a safe, supportive connection and someone that can meet us exactly where we are, is an important step in the journey.


None of us is unaffected by the challenges that life inherently brings us. Part of our life's path can be the choice to heal the wounds we carry from our painful experiences. Doing so can move us forward toward lasting, sustainable change and a deeper ability to feel more; more self-love, and more pleasure!


​It really comes down to this: we don't want to hurt as much, and we want to know we can be with, and survive our feelings when we do hurt. 

Psychotherapy is about relationships.  It’s about trust, respect, empathy, insight, and honesty; it requires courage and work, and is a collaboration between you and me.  Together we will explore what is, what was, and what can be, focusing on held beliefs, emotions and what your body communicates.  Together we will explore what you want to change and how those issues affect your current life experience and relationships.

This intimate and sacred work holds an invitation to discover and expand the unique and beautiful, authentic you yearning to come out, to be known and to be expressed so you can live your life more fully.

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